Young Fleurs adventures around the world. Book one

Young Fleurs adventures around the world. Book one, аудиокнига . ISDN70516375

Françoise de Chambord

Жанр:книги о путешествиях

Язык книги:Русский


Читает:Françoise de Chambord

Издательство:Аудио от автора

Дата публикации:02.04.2024

Цена:199.00 ₽


Описание книги

In Francoise de Chambord Fleurs Adventure Around the World, a courageous and dreamy heiress from the noble de Chambord family, unfolds. Discontent with the confines of aristocracy, she ventures far beyond, from Pariss lively lanes to Japans tranquil shrines, New Zealands wild terrains, and Egypts ancient wonders. With each land traversed, Fleurs voyage becomes a profound odyssey of self-discovery, resilience, and the forging of deep connections. Her story is a vivid window into the richness of global cultures, the surprise of new love, and the valuable insights gained when one bravely steps into the unknown. This narrative transcends mere travel, celebrating the vast horizons of existence, the fervor for life, and the indomitable will of a woman shaping her destiny. Ideal for enthusiasts of historical fiction and seekers of adventure, the author is a narrative that embodies the spirit of discovery and the transformative embrace of the world with an open heart.

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