The Little Heroine

The Little Heroine,  audiobook. ISDN68954970

Volkova Oksana

Genre:books for children



Publisher:Izdatelskie resheniya

Publication date:10.03.2023


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The Little Heroine
Volkova Oksana
«The Little Heroine» is a charming children’s book about a girl named Lily who saves her village from bandits and becomes a hero. With its delightful illustrations and uplifting message, it’s a must-read for kids and adults alike.

The Little Heroine

Volkova Oksana

© Volkova Oksana, 2023

ISBN 978-5-0059-7313-9

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Chapter 1: Lily and the Trapped Bird
In a village nestled among green hills,

Lived a curious girl with a love for thrills.

Lily was her name, and exploring was her game,

In the woods she would wander without any shame.

One day as she walked, she heard a faint cry,

It was a trapped bird with a broken wing, oh my!

Lily picked it up with gentle hands,

And brought it home to heal, where it could stand.

She made a small nest, soft and warm,

And cared for the bird, no need for alarm.

Days went by, and the bird grew strong,

Lily and the bird’s bond was like a sweet song.

The bird would chirp and tweet,

As if to say, “Lily, you’re so sweet.”

Lily loved the bird and would often visit,

In the woods where it lived, she didn’t want to miss it.

And so Lily’s love for adventure and care,

Gave her a friend, loyal and rare.

The little bird with a broken wing,

Became Lily’s companion, and that’s just the beginning.

Chapter 2: The Bandits’ Plan
One evening as Lily walked through the town,

She overheard something that made her frown.

A group of bandits were plotting to steal,

The precious jewels, which made her heart reel.

Lily knew she had to warn the town,

So she hurried to spread the news around.

The villagers were scared and didn’t know what to do,

But Lily had a plan, and it would see them through.

She gathered them all and said with a smile,

“Don’t worry, we’ll face this danger with style.

I have an idea, it might seem small,

But together, we can stop them all!”

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