Diagnostics of karma. The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation

Diagnostics of karma. The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation,  audiobook. ISDN68929467

Sergey Lazarev

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Diagnostics of karma. The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation
Sergey Lazarev
«We are always looking for the recipe of happiness and instructions for healing, not willing to put too much effort. But the man himself can change his life for the better. He just needs to provide such an opportunity – an opportunity to understand the laws of the Universe, the possibility of changing the worldview, and outlook, the possibility of changing his character, and his emotions».

Diagnostics of karma

The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation

Sergey Lazarev

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Author’s note
Dear reader, please check your emotional state before starting to read this book. I highly recommend you refrain from reading this book if you feel resentment, irritation or any negative emotions towards others.

You’re now holding not just a new book on a topic that attracts much attention, but an exposition of an original concept exploring the laws of the spiritual world, which direct the material. This is also an analysis of opportunities for entering the world of bioenergetics.

The main purpose of this book is to understand the inner and outer worlds of man, uncover and examine the laws that control them; to expose the rules of exploring bioenergetics, as personal development must start with understanding the world, comprehending its laws, perceiving oneself as a part of a united system of the universe.

Contemporary humanity has distanced itself from its spiritual origins. It is similar to a ship with a mutinous crew, a missing captain, a punctured hull and a broken down engine. Some of the crew already realizes what is going on. Calls for reconciliation and repairing the ship begin to appear. But the main problem, which remains unknown to the crew, is that the ship is heading for a reef, so even repairing the boat without changing the course cannot save the ship and its crew.

Humanity is facing a danger which is much more serious than a nuclear threat, the threat of spiritual disintegration. The most terrible losses are those we do not notice or feel, as death appears first on the energy field level, and only after does it appear to the physical body. Today the process is reaching a critical point because, what today comprises our spirit, tomorrow will become the bodies of our children and grandchildren. Thus, the more damaged our spirit is now, the more damaged the future health – spiritual and physical – of our descendants.

The information I obtained while researching the biofield structures of humanity is quite serious. The spiritual potential, accumulated by saints, psychics and founders of world religions is now almost fully depleted, and the lack of development in strategic thinking will create great problems in the future. The enormous potential of bioenergetics is directed, not at the comprehension of the surrounding world, foresight and prevention of future problems, but at solving primitive tactical daily tasks. Humanity is on the threshold beyond which lies either spiritual rebirth or death. Salvation lies in the personal spiritual quest of every person. We must realize that each of us is responsible for the fate of humanity and the life of the Universe.

Imagine this: a man who wants to learn how to drive a car is placed in a vehicle, blindfolded, given the wheel and then shown where the gas pedal is. At this point the training is finished. The numerous schools of extra sensory study, in a very short period of time and for a relatively large amount of money, will give you the same level of knowledge in the field of bioenergetics. These schools differ only in “the model of the car’ and “the power of the engine’ while one should start with learning the rules of the road and the mechanics of the automobile.

Without understanding ourselves and the surrounding world, without serious training, the effects of entering bioenergetics may be more dangerous than blindfolded driving. This book is therefore dedicated to the rules of conduct in the spiritual world.

There is one more warning. To fully disclose the topic I must provide some basic information regarding the means of entering energy field structures. I don’t advise anybody, having read this book, to attempt doing the same. It is dangerous not only for the person who thoughtlessly tries to replicate my experience, but also for their relatives. Only a very limited circle of people, who have certain abilities and special training, may attempt to do this.

And lastly, many readers will find rather unexpected and new information in this book, which may be reminiscent of scenes from science fiction. But I am a researcher and – despite all the unbelievable facts and conclusions given – this is our current reality having been checked many times and proven by the results of my work.

Chapter 1

The Concept of a System of

Energy-Field Self-Regulation

and the History of its Development
When one monk – after praying for ten years to God for the gift of healing and obtaining it – came to his elder and told him about it, the wise man ordered him to go back and pray that God take the gift back and instead grant him vision of his sins.

The results of my research in the realm of bioenergetics have been obtained through 20 years of work in this area, a philosophical comprehension of the world and, also, through convincing confirmation of the main philosophic and theoretical hypotheses in practical work.

What is this book about? Humanity is now facing very serious problems, and our future depends on our ability to solve them. It is customary to believe that our main problems come from a troublesome ecology, threats of nuclear war and dozens of other external causes. In reality, the main reason for troubles is contained in man himself; to change the world we must change ourselves first.

It is much harder to change oneself than the surrounding world – we have no sources or systems explaining how to fundamentally change our thoughts, world-views and our spirituality. The ways offered by contemporary philosophers and teachers are, at best, an attempt to rehash accumulated knowledge, whereas the main point of focus should be on understanding the world and seeking ways of self-development.

To change the world and to influence it, one needs to understand it. Understanding the world is the beginning of its change. We often have distorted beliefs about the world and blindly try to conquer it, but, in fact, – we destroy it, hurting ourselves along with it. We need to realize the degree of our dependency on the world and our connection to it. We must know the laws by which the world lives and develops.

My research is focused, first of all, on understanding what man, his mentality, his subconscious and the Universe are.

It’s time to leave behind the primitive materialistic concept that man begins and ends in his physical body. A human is a very complex information-energy system, composed only of a few percent body and mind. 95—98 percent of a person are information-energy layers of the subconscious, just as unknown to us as the Universe.

When dealing with issues of human health and illness prevention I first look for causes, and every time, I receive confirmation of the imperative of human spiritual development. Unfortunately, currently there is no unified system of knowledge that could help us develop our bio-energetic abilities without bringing harm to mankind. Bioenergetics has so much potential that one must be very careful, gradual, when entering its sphere, starting, first of all, with ethical development. Ethics and an understanding of the world are the highest protection, but our expertise in these areas is quite poor. Any serious action should be well prepared, as neglecting preparation may lead to degeneration and death instead of spiritual growth and positive changes. Unfortunately, these processes are present and the tendency towards degeneration already exists.

I’ll try to reveal the reasons for man’s pitiable physical state and show a means of improving it through correction of subtle energy fields. I will also define a competent approach towards bioenergetics and the possibilities of man’s development. An understanding of the surrounding world and the highest self-discipline are preconditions for the advancement of the spirit and soul – they are now required for survival. This book contains essential information for understanding the complexity of the problems every person faces today. The point is that during the last two or three years all the energy processes on Earth have accelerated and, what is called “karma’ in Hinduism, the law of retribution, has sped up ten-fold.

All my life I’ve been trying to understand the world in a new way. Since childhood I felt I had innate abilities, but intuitively I didn’t direct my efforts towards their development. Instead, I endeavored to understand the world as I always felt that understanding is more important than the accumulation and refining of abilities.

Many times I’ve heard stories about the power of a curse – that it can be passed on hereditarily through generations. Many examples can be found in literary fiction. The following story, described in the book “From the caves and jungles of Hindustan” by E. Blavadskaya touched me deeply when I read it in the 1970’s. In an Indian village, Blavadskaya had a conversation with the descendant of a formerly powerful king who told her the following: during one of his trips, the king generously rewarded wise men, as it was traditional at that time, but he forgot to give a gift to one of them. This wise man was mortally offended and cursed the king. Terrified, the king fell down to his feet and started begging for forgiveness. The most interesting part of the story happens here, in my opinion. The wise man said that it was too late, the curse had already taken effect and it couldn’t be stopped. As a result, king would lose his throne. However, the wise man promised to save the king’s life and that of his descendants. And so it happened that the king lost his throne and his descendants were scattered all over India.

My path to bioenergetics came through casual acquaintances with magic, sorcery and different practices of folk healing. I have traveled all over the country studying them.

Every time, when analyzing new information, I strove to find the initial cause, to understand the source of a family’s misfortunes, what is the reason for such phenomena as the death of a blood-line, inherited illness, and so on. It was absolutely clear to me that genes could not be the source of this information – it must be contained and passed on to descendants by an energy field. When this conviction reached a certain point I had just a “simple” thing to do – find the responsible structures in a person’s energy field for retaining and transferring the information from one generation to another. I strongly believed that these structures existed and named them “stable information groupings”. Since the mid-80s I persistently tried to detect them in the energy field of man.

I finally managed to achieve this goal in the beginning of 1990. Once while at the First Medical Institute, I was approached by one of the psychic healers on staff asking me to help resolve a difficult case. His patient’s energy field had been torn. After treatment it would normalize for a while and then again a tear would appear.

What happened next one might call an “enlightenment”. The patient’s flabby, cotton-like energy field that I previously perceived as emptiness suddenly became elastic; I could feel it reacting to my intrusion. My hands detected the powerful structures penetrating the breakage in the energy field. Immediately my perception changed entirely: what I had perceived as a breakage became, for me, a stable structure causing the energy field’s deformation, leading to loss of energy. I realized that I had just found that which we call “illness” in the energy field – that which determines the patient’s physical state. This was a qualitative change in my understanding, as now it became possible to diagnose illnesses before their physical manifestation, that is – not only to cure them, but also prevent them.

I decided that I could put together a group of healers, teach them the method and start working on preventing many illnesses. Moreover, it wouldn’t require any medication. The only thing required would be good mastery of the method. If only I had known…

I worked as a healer for a year thinking that these structures defined the condition of the physical body only. Gradually, however, I started to accumulate facts that didn’t fit this concept. During the healing process I noticed that patients’ characters and even destinies were noticeably changing. By analyzing these changes, I had to admit that a person’s character, destiny and illnesses were somehow interrelated, but these relations were multifaceted. Particular deformations of energy field structures could manifest in various ways: they could become different diseases, mental illnesses, pathological changes in character, injuries or misfortune. Diving deeper into these facts I came to the conclusion that health, character and even a person’s destiny are determined by karmic structures. All of the information about a person and his physical condition is encoded in his energy field. There is also a dialectic relationship between the energy field and physical structures and they can influence each other. Destiny and character are also encoded in energy field structures, thus if one influences them, gradually, a lot can be improved.

The more time I spent researching, the more incredible were the findings. I’ll try to describe the magnitude of this method’s potential based on examples of treatment of various diseases, correction of complex life situations. I will also give examples testing different events, objects of inanimate nature and other research.

At the beginning I was using traditional methods of extrasensory energy influence in my work.

One woman was in the hospital with a lung edema. She was in very bad condition, and doctors had no hope for her recovery. Her daughter approached me asking for help and I started healing from a distance. Shortly after, the patient could breathe without her oxygen mask. Doctors could not understand what was happening. Their patient was getting better and better every moment – her face gained some color, she sat in her bed and asked for something to eat, even though she had rejected food for several days.

There was another story that happened to my brother the surgeon. While operating on an elder woman who was in extremely weak condition, he cut his hand. His hand and lymph nodes became swollen and he got blood poisoning. He was in really bad shape – antibiotics didn’t help. I tried to help my brother. A few minutes after I started, he felt some kind of pricking in his lymph nodes, then the swelling gradually dissolved and in an hour, his temperature dropped back to normal – he began to recover.

How did I start to heal people? I spent about ten years doing research, studying the literature on Eastern techniques and getting some knowledge about the methods of energy influence on humans. The first stimulus that led me in the direction of healing was a fact from Rasputin’s biography that inspired me. A woman, who wrote a memoir about Rasputin once came to him, depressed, because her friend in Kiev was dying. When Rasputin found out about her grief he promised to save her friend. He stood in the middle of the room and turned pale in front of her eyes. His face became as white as wax. He remained in this state for two more minutes, before regaining his natural color again and announcing: “Everything is fine, your friend will live’. A few days later a telegram came with news that the girl’s life was no longer in danger.

I was reminded of Rasputin’s story when my friend’s daughter became ill – at first she had measles, and then complications started: meningitis and bilateral pneumonia – I decided to try influencing the situation. I really wanted to help, I had a great desire to do my duty, and if there was even negligible hope, I would use it. On Monday, about two in the afternoon, I focused and transferred my sincere wish of recovery to the girl. At the same moment, I felt almost physically that something had changed, that somehow I had made some impact. I became confident that I had managed to help. On Wednesday I met the father of the child and found out that the girl was getting better.

“When did the improvement start?” I asked him.

“Two days ago, in the afternoon at around two o’clock,” was his answer.

In 1988, I was approached by the mother of a girl whose vision had started to rapidly deteriorate. The girl was undergoing medical treatment at the First Medical Institute, but despite all doctors’ efforts, they couldn’t find the cause of the illness and her vision continued to worsen. They could not locate the infection and antibiotic treatments did not give any result. I started to work with the girl at a distance. After the first session I noticed some improvement and offered to carry out two or three more sessions. In two weeks the girl was fully recovered and was released from the hospital with twenty-twenty vision. I didn’t find the cause of this illness, but I managed to stop the process and bring her vision back.

Time passed by. The girl’s vision was normal, but after a couple of months she suddenly started to feel pain in her kidneys. She was taken to the hospital with a painful attack of kidney colic where she was given antibiotics – but again there was no improvement. After a while she was released from the hospital with unsatisfying test results and aching kidneys. We had another four sessions and, again, she came to full recovery. I was delighted: medicine is powerless, no drugs could help, antibiotics gave no result and I did.

At that time I still didn’t realize that all parts of the body are interrelated, I didn’t know that illnesses could move from one organ to another and, moreover, I didn’t know that character, destiny, spirituality and some other parameters of human beings were also part of this system.

So, the girl was healthy. More time passed. During this time my skills improved and I started to see that the human organism is a unified system, where health, destiny, character and mentality are inseparable. I saw the girl’s mother and was disappointed to find out that, even though the girl was in brilliant health, she suffered a very difficult destiny. I tested the value of her destiny parameter and it was quite negative. This usually leads to great problems in life.

Thus I realized that taking care only of health issues, focusing my attention only on the body, I managed to improve one link in chain known as the “human” system, at the cost of all the others. I had healed the illness, but hadn’t removed its cause and the illness was transferred to her destiny. I understood that I have to treat a person as a united system. This allowed me to see those “root” causes, which really affect all the parameters of a person.

As further testing showed, the cause of all of my patient’s problems was her mother’s being deeply offended at her husband during pregnancy, deforming the structure of the energy field responsible for her daughter’s health and fate.

Throughout the next few years I continued to use distant healing with my patients using the energy in my hands. About five years ago I realized, for the first time, that this method was imperfect. I treated children in one family and, having noticed that their grandmother wasn’t well, I offered to help her. At the beginning she refused. She told me that she had stenocardia requiring them to call an ambulance five-six times a week, but she had accepted the situation and didn’t believe that there could be an improvement. Looking at her energy field I saw that her heart was healthy. We had a few sessions and her condition improved each time. On our third session, I felt with my hands a deformation of the field – there were noticeable violations of the energy field in the area of her heart. I made a few passes with my hands and the deformations would disappear, the energy field would smoothen, but after a couple days the heart condition would return.

Then I hypothesized that there must be a unknown mechanism. I needed to find out what it was. Analyzing my patient’s condition I felt that it was something to do with an event in her life.

“What happened to you two years ago?” I asked.

“My sister died.”

“What did you feel?”

“She was so healthy, strong – and she died, but I’m sick and still alive.”

I understood the reason for her illness – colossal stress remained in her subconscious mind, which provoked her stenocardia attack. To remove it I needed to change the woman’s outlook on the world, her attitude towards life and death. I explained to her that death is just a transition to another state and she shouldn’t take it so tragically. We should not regret the past, as regretting it we are subconsciously trying to change it, move things that cannot be moved. This causes an uncontrollable and enormous waste of energy. To prevent this leak of energy that may lead to very serious consequences, the organism blocks it with an illness on the physical level. We had a couple of sessions of auto-suggestion training, and her attacks stopped.

Powerful stress, disagreement with something or regrets about the past especially if emotionally empowered, pile up in the subconscious mind and provoke serious illnesses, as they create deformations of energy field structures. Correcting these field structures using energy can harmonize them, but not always, and most important – the very cause of the illness is not removed and can reappear any time in another place. This example confirmed that, without a clear method of diagnosis, without understanding the cause of a disease, healing blindly has no future. If I cannot explain how I am helping and what heals during sessions – it is like wandering in the darkness.

Further development of my method occurred at First Medical Institute. I was working on two issues there: healing and simultaneously trying to find ways to protect the healer from the influence of negative energy fields. I worked month after month, but my achievements weren’t significant.

Once I had a female patient who had evidently had an evil eye cast upon her. I saw the structure of the evil eye in her energy field and thought that by removing it, I could remove the evil eye itself. At that time I didn’t realize that these structures were karmic, I considered them to be a result of a negative influence of an “other”. I treated all patients with similar distortions by removing these structures mechanically and the person would feel better. Shortly thereafter, however, patients appeared whose energy field deformations could not be a result of an evil eye.

For example, once a woman with a young infant came to me. I saw that the woman’s and her baby’s energy fields had the same structural deformations and they were caused by some particular event in the woman’s life. Moreover, the mother’s energy field deformations were formed several years earlier. I already knew that these kinds of deformations were related to ethical issues – they would appear when a person hates or resents someone. I could remove these deformations using magic techniques such as spells, with a gaze or with my hands. I later came to understand that what I was seeing was an information field, not a physical body field. Therefore my method of treatment remained the traditional bioenergetics approach: I’d concentrate, pass my hands over troubled areas and the deformations would disappear.

At that point I decided to test my potential, define my maximum capacity. I would schedule thirty-forty appointments a day. I was wondering how much I could withstand. The feelings were very unusual. After a week of such pressure I began feeling very tired, I would come home barely alive, my face gained a green-colored tint. Then I noticed that something was going on with my energy field, I felt as though my brain were “boiling’. I treated the situation as a researcher would and continued working under maximum load, I didn’t stop the experiment; I was really curious as to how my body would wiggle its way out of this situation. My body’s choice wasn’t the best… but I didn’t realize that immediately.

A young woman came to see me. We had two sessions together and I removed all of her illnesses. We arranged that she would come back one more time just for reassurance. When she returned, I noticed that she had some strange changes: she had become pale, had allergic reactions and some problems with her mental state. I couldn’t understand anything at that point, so I wrote down her phone number and tried to do healing at a distance over the phone. I also asked the girl’s mother to write down everything that was happening in the meantime.

It was quite an extraordinary case – it was the first time when a patient’s condition became worse after my influence. Itches and rashes appeared on the girl’s body where I had passed my hands at a distance of twenty to thirty centimeters. When I was reading her mother’s notes I, terrified, realized what was going on. What I was doing was referred to as vampirism. I was taking her energy. Having given my body the extreme overload I provoked myself to subconscious vampirism and began taking the energy from my patients. I had to stop all treatments because my body was now trained to react to any critical situation, in exactly this way – it would take another’s energy. As I work distantly, I can take anybody’s energy. I was gridlocked.

I decided to forget about bioenergetics forever; I saw no potential in further work. I hadn’t strayed from the traditional methods of contemporary psychic/healers work, but by pushing myself to the limits for only a few days I discovered that the methods of energy “injection” and contactless massage were fruitless – they didn’t give the results I had sought all my life. I could do remote healing just by the power of my will, I’d mastered all types of pressure point massage, I knew all methods for breathing techniques and nutrition. But I saw that all the methods could give only temporary relief, they would not heal a person.

The female doctor I was working with at the time, tried to support me, asking me not to jump to conclusions, advising me to have some rest and think it over. Right at that time we received an invitation from a doctor of Voznesenie Village Hospital to spend Easter with him and get some rest. I needed the time off. I also thought that after a little rest and some time to think the situation through I could make a decision. Subconsciously, I hoped that I would be given a sign as to whether I should continue my work, whether I could find a solution.

We went to Onezhskoe Lake and visited an old wooden church from the XVIth century. Easter was wonderful with fast changing weather: at the beginning it was snowing, then it started to rain, and then the sun came out and suddenly we saw a rainbow right over our heads. I went for a swim in the lake and felt myself renewed, gaining certainty that I needed to carry on doing my research. I needed to find, however, a method that would allow for healing people without any energy influence upon them. I started my search for it.

I could see a person’s karmic structures and I started to influence them indirectly through the person’s understanding. After finding the reasons for the karmic structure deformations I would explain them to the patient. I completely refused any energy transfer using my hands. It was a very painful period. At the beginning I couldn’t master the method and the results were less satisfying than the energy work I had been doing with my hands. It took me a few months to improve the method and gradually I started to see results that I could not have achieved using the energy method. Thus I understood that this method was the future, and that, first of all, I needed to find the reasons for karmic violations, and then to examine them. I needed to study the information and pass it over to the public. I could only ever heal hundreds of people, whereas I could give an understanding of root causes of illness and paths out of it to millions.

Since then I have become a researcher, and a researcher only. Facing vampirism during treatment pushed me towards understanding that the appearance of disease is related to a violation of ethics, so treatment should be directed to comprehension of these violations and changing the person’s outlook on the world. Illness is one of the paths of spiritual development. This information has been known for a very long time, we just forgot it for a while. It was given to us in sacred books many centuries ago. The main thing is to understand one’s mistakes, apprehend them and, through repentance, reach harmony with the Universe, the Divine.

With my ability to see karmic structures, I can measure any healing influence. I can see the changes happening to physical and energy field structures of a person while he comprehends his actions, as the body depends on the spirit. The body, however, simultaneously has an impact on the spirit, thus treatment should be directed toward both body and soul, but first on the soul and spirit as they are primary.

The elimination of energy field deformations through comprehension and repentance gives excellent results relating to people’s physical health. And since there’s some time interval between the appearance of energy field deformations and an illness itself on the physical level – this method is becoming irreplaceable in early diagnosis.

Every time, I worked with patients I strove to penetrate into the essence of the illness, strove to gain an understating of what the illness was, where it came from and what its role was in the life of the person. I studied the human energy field using my hands, dowsing rod and pendulum.

In 1986 I met V.B. Polyakov, who was the head of the laboratory of bio-dynamic measurement. One of the achievements of Polyakov’s school was its successful use of ponderomotoric writing[1 - similar to automatic writing, the difference is that in automatic writing the information is presented in symbols which you can read, and in ponderomotoric writing the information is presented graphically] in medical diagnostics and its high level of accuracy achieved in both distant and contact express diagnostics of the physical field. I found something of paramount importance to me in Polyakov’s method: diagnosis was the primary focus, influence was secondary.

Having mastered ponderomotoric writing, I still tried, for a while, to focus on researching illness itself, as opposed to the reasons behind it, and persistently sought information fields. By the end of 1990 I formed an opinion, that the main reason for illnesses was a breach of the energy field structure; that it was necessary to treat not a diseased organ, but the energy field. Philosophical teachings of the East confirmed the idea that the basis for the information-energy system called “man’ are the subtle energy field structures that are connected to the spirit. Subconsciously, I’d always felt this.

I saw the energy field deformations affecting the physical state of a person, saw the information structures, caused by different illnesses, influenced and corrected them and achieved the change not only of the physical state, but also of other parameters of the person’s information-energy system. Step by step the elements of the system were formed. Now it enables powerful change: to treat not only already existing, but also future illness, as the deformation of energy field structures starts five-ten years before the illness appears at the physical level.

Having confirmed that deformation of the energy field causes various abnormalities on the physical level, I didn’t allow myself to influence energetically. My objective was the precise diagnosis, analysis of the situation and finding the initial cause. Illness signals that a person is “going in the wrong direction’. We’re used to seeing illness as a disaster and trying to get rid of it, but illness, in fact, warns one of his mistakes and works towards his salvation. When going through pain and suffering, a person has to realize the mistakes he made, strive towards spiritual perfection and look for new ways of self-development. This inspired me to study the parameters of human spirituality.

My method of karma research can be called “graphic clairvoyance’. I see not events themselves, but the violations of universal laws represented by them; I can see what has happened in a sort of abstract form. Knowing that the person depends on his energy field structure, I explored the relationship between behavior, ethical issues and the shape of the deformation; I would help the person through his understanding of these violations. I used the classic notion of karma, assuming that in this or one of his previous lives the person infringed on something resulting in his current sickness. As viewing previous lives of a patient is quite complicated, I was satisfied with the examination of just the present one, and the effect was much better compared to influencing energy with my hands.

However, some cases didn’t quite fit in. For example, when a two-three month old child was brought to me with a serious disease, it would have been easy to say that he’d sinned in a previous life and was now suffering the consequences. But I saw that the energy field deformation of the baby would correspond to his mother’s field deformations, so it was easy to conclude that the energy field structure is passed on from parents to their children.

That was the discovery of a new mechanism of information transmission by inheritance. While I was correcting the mother’s field deformations, the baby was visibly recovering. I realized how much a baby’s health depends on its mother’s behavior, especially in the last couple of years before birth. Strong hatred experienced during pregnancy is usually a cause for the baby’s traumas or illness of organs located on the child’s head: for example, some sort of problem with vision or hearing. On the other hand, if a mother feels strongly offended during pregnancy, the baby will be easily offended in the future. The mother’s behavior defines the destiny and the health of her baby. At the beginning I didn’t pay much attention to the father’s behavior and, only later, I understood that both the mother and the father are equally responsible for their baby’s body and spirit. Parents pass on complete information about their behavior and the behavior of their ancestors to their children. A child’s destiny, body, character and spirituality are formed of this information.

Every discovery obtained through my research shows with greater and greater clarity the unity of the surrounding world, of living and inanimate nature, of lower and higher organisms. I have to say that I always felt this way and everything happening around me often confirmed this unity. I spent my childhood on the coast of the Azov Sea. I watched minnows frolic in shallow water, schools of them would come to the surface and perform their dance, gliding vertically on the tips of their tails. That kind of playfulness was only possible in the children of intelligent creatures, strange and unknown to us.

Once, while fishing I had the opportunity to observe a “suicidal fish’. Coming closer to the shore I saw a small fish on the shore that was hardly breathing, not too far from the water line. I was just about to put it back in the water when it suddenly jumped, its scales sparkled and it disappeared back into the river. A couple minutes later the leap onto the shore was repeated, and then again back into the water.

I was intrigued and started to follow it. It was the same fish and it was discovering something new about the surrounding world in such a strange way. Persistently it jumped out onto the beach and then again back into the river, repeatedly risking it’s life – it could have easily run out of breath or accidentally jump in the wrong direction, away from the water. But the fish continued jumping back and forth, never making a mistake.

Hasn’t everyone come across a warning from an animal at least once? When I worked as a guide on Ritza lake, I once saw a snake that had been beaten with stones lying on the path. I felt sorry for it so I picked it up and put it in a plastic bag to set it free somewhere in the woods far away from people. The snake wasn’t long, with whitish skin, and for some reason, I thought it wasn’t poisonous. It was sluggishly lying in the bag, showing no activity and I started to get used to it. Forgetting that it might be dangerous, I occasionally touched it with my finger. It was inert for a long time and then, suddenly, with a slight turn of its head, it bit through the plastic bag.

I understood that this was a warning. I took it away from the path and set it free in the grass. The snake started moving slowly, crawling under the stones, and I started playfully holding it back by its tail. The snake was patiently looking back waiting for me to let it go but I kept holding it. Suddenly, as quick as lightning, the snake coiled up and its head appeared right next to my hand. It was looking at me, not even trying to bite, but warning.

It was such a surprise when a couple days later, during training I saw a picture of the familiar snake – it was the deadly, poisonous, Kaznakov viper, an inhabitant of the Caucasus Mountains.

One of the first cases, where I managed to change not only the physical, but psychological state of a patient was as follows. A young woman was in love with a young man, but for some reason they could not be together and so they broke up. For a few years after the break up, this love tortured her – not even the love itself, but something strange, something agonizing. She realized that she shouldn’t be so attached to him, but the attachment existed and was destroying her. It was more like a spell than love. The woman had been meeting other young men hoping that she would like one of them. She had no such luck…

I began examining whether this was her own fault. The result of the testing was: no. Who else could possibly be responsible? A woman, a relative, her grandmother…

To my surprise, the woman knew what I was talking about. When her grandmother was young she was in love with a young man, but married another for status. The grandmother had killed the love in herself and in the young man. Thus the granddaughter had to pay the grandmother’s debt through suffering. The grandmother, having received this information, realized that by killing love, she had violated supreme laws and the girl was set free from her suffering. I understood that this method was good, not only for curing people, but for helping their souls, for correcting their destinies.

Those of you, who are at least somewhat familiar with the esoteric literature and philosophies of the East, have certainly come across the one hundred and eight laws that govern the Universe. I tried to find them in the literature many times, but, unfortunately, I still haven’t succeeded in finding all of them in complete form – perhaps it’s not given to us to know them all yet…

My experience working in bioenergetics shows that among the many different violations people commit in their downtrodden, down-to-earth daily lives, the most severe is killing love in any manifestation. All the other violations are secondary and are the consequence of the lack of man’s love to God, the Universe, relatives, children, nature and people…

The following instance strengthened my conviction that karma diagnostics would allow for the treatment of people’s souls. I was addressed by a woman who occasionally suffered from strange urges —she would get a strong desire to jump out of the window, commit suicide, and she’d get an irresistible longing to die. She would ask her relatives to tie her to the bed and hold her. These urges were getting stronger and would appear more and more frequently. The woman was afraid that she wouldn’t manage to hold on and it would come to a terrible end.

My examination of this case showed that a violation of the supreme laws had been committed by her mother. She was deeply loved by one man, but she treated him with no respect. She was pleased that another person was totally dependent on her. Her mother was killing the life and love in this man; her words, thoughts and actions created a program of destruction that returned now to her daughter.

The return of negative programs sometimes happens slowly, and not always to the responsible party, but quite often to his relatives and descendants. After this woman talked with her mother, and her mother recognized her guilt, the urges stopped. I understood how much the virtues and flaws of our parents, brothers and sisters are connected with our health, mentality and fate.

Each new communication with my patients led to the discovery of new elements of the system that I now call the “system of energy field self-regulation’.

The self-regulating energy field system is a feedback loop with the Universe. The essence of it is that any kind of human action, whether it’s positive or negative, due to the unity of the universe’s information-energy field, returns back to the person.

We constantly hear that positive actions are rewarded and negative actions are punished, but somehow we don’t see an increase in kindness nor a decrease in evil. One of the best explanations, from my point of view, is given by the St. Augustine, who said that God always punishes evil, but because this process takes some time, the person has enough time to do more wrong things before he receives his punishment. This explanation corresponds perfectly to the mechanism of transmission of information through the energy field structures.

The self-regulating energy field doesn’t recognize individuals – it just sees a negative process that must be stopped. The blocking mechanism starts automatically. In earlier times, this mechanism of punishment would stretch over several generations and would manifest as illness and misfortune in the grandchildren or great-grandchildren’s generations or in the next incarnations of the person. These days the process is sped up, so the person himself pays for his wrong-doing throughout his present life and through the health and well-being of his children.

Retribution through children’s health seems ridiculous from a regular persons point of view, however, there are no people on the energy field level, only ideas; and every person is an aggregate of particular programs. The blocking mechanism works against the negative ideas and programs that are dangerous for the Universe. Children reinforce their parents programs, therefore the price they must pay is higher. However, during the last five years personal responsibility has become a larger part of the equation. So far I don’t understand the reasons for this trend.

A child is like a magnifying glass for the shortcomings of the adult world. A lot of people noticed that children start to misbehave in their parents’ presence, while they behave themselves with everybody else. In most cases this is the work of the same karmic mechanism. While the child is communicating with his parents all the positive and negative programs the parents passed on to their kid are activated and amplified.

Recently, studying different problems, I discovered that not only do children inherit their parents’ karma, but also that parents are responsible, on the energy field level, for their child’s behavior and actions. These days, child’s thoughts and actions affect the energy field starting at the age of eight and a half – from this age they influence their parents’ spirit, destiny and health. About two thousand years ago this process didn’t start until the child reached thirteen-fourteen years old.

When I began studying and clearing my karma I stopped getting ill, but a new problem surfaced. My energy rapidly increased as did its impact. This made it very difficult for me to balance myself. However, it was necessary, as my being even a tiny bit offended with somebody, would have a great impact on that person’s health and destiny.

I was hoping that if I could solve this problem everything would be fine. Through constant work I got rid of negative emotions, hatred, resentment, but then I encountered an even more serious problem. I had to start controlling people around me, as even a small resentment directed towards me would become a real danger for them.

This helped me understand one of the underlying reasons for Russia’s tragedy. A person with a clear or “closed” karma is closely coupled with the Divine, therefore aggression against this person also works against the Universe. If a person attacks someone on his own behalf, he pays for it himself, but if he represents society, the society is held responsible. In the 1920’s Lenin issued an order obliterating the clergy, monks and demolishing all sanctuaries and monasteries – this was equivalent to attacking the Universe. After that, inevitably, a burst of crime and violence had to follow. The society paid with millions of lost lives for breaching the highest ethical laws.

The memory of society’s mistakes forms a part of each one of us. All sins and misfortunes of society are stored in each individual’s subconscious, his karma. We still haven’t forgotten the Soviet song “We will destroy the world of violence…” In fact on the energy-field level, this song caries a powerful destructive program towards the future and the Universe.

Very often, people come to me asking for help with their children’s enuresis. I always explain that enuresis is only the tip of the iceberg. Usually, enuresis appears as a result of the mother suppressing her love for a man. If this suppression was strong and happened for a long time, a deformation forms in the energy field of her first chakra. As a result, her children might not only have enuresis, but also possible dysfunctions and problems in their personal lives, heart disease, or illnesses related to their heads. Enuresis may also be the result of an earlier abortion, as in this case the woman also kills love.

When mothers don’t know about these reasons they often seek out a psychotherapist or hypnotherapist who suggests a subconscious block that stops the enuresis. The program of destroying love and life is still there, however. So now that the mechanism of blocking incorrect personal behavior has been removed, one can expect that the child will fulfill an even greater program of destroying the love than the mother.

A woman often visited doctors complaining about not feeling well, but tests revealed nothing, so, from the doctors point of view, she had no reason to feel bad. Repeated visits to different “witch doctors” would not bring her any relief – they would see a powerful evil eye, but they couldn’t help her. They would even start being ill themselves after contact with her. I took a close look at what was happening and discovered that it was a “reflexive evil eye” which is indeed impossible to remove using folk remedies.

“You wanted something bad to happen to your coworker”, I explained. “And this is the reason for your condition now. Your program, designed to bring harm, has returned back to you and has deformed your energy field. How is your coworker? Is she feeling well?”

“She is on sick leave, but it’s her child that is ill, not herself.”

I examined the coworker and her child’s energy fields. Both of them had this program designed to harm in their energy fields. This is why the child was ill, he was more vulnerable.

“It’s your responsibility that her child is sick. Do you have children also?”

“Yes, I have a son.”

I examined her son’s energy field and found the same program creating a strong deformation.

That was a typical example how we destroy ourselves, our children and people around us, without even knowing it.

When I just started my research of karmic structures, a woman approached me. She had suddenly started experiencing severe headaches, and her overall health wasn’t brilliant.

“Five days ago you were wishing harm on your husband and it was a very strong emotion.”

“That’s impossible, because I love my husband and would never do something like this to him.”

I insisted that I was right.

“You had an ill wish towards him. It was a significant, powerful evil wish about five days ago in the evening.”

“How could it be? He was late from work, about two hours, and I worried about him.”

I realized what had happening.

“What did you feel at that time?”

“All these crazy (nonsense) came to my mind.”

“You have to understand, when you think that something negative can happen, you actually invite this into one’s life. Moreover, the more realistic your thoughts the greater damage you are evoking. Strong discipline of our mind is highly important now, especially because today we hold a high level of energy. Not inflicting any harm is one of the most important laws of the Universe even in our thoughts. This can’t just be an abstract principle – this should become a way of living.

The research I conduct every day using extrasensory diagnostics testifies that following ethical norms is a necessary condition and is indeed the only path to survival. It’s also the best protection. We look around in search for threats around us, while the main threat bides its time, invisible, inside us. The root of this problem is a lack of understanding of the surrounding world: of ourselves and what happens to us; incorrect behavior which invisibly leads to the internal disintegration of a person. The catastrophes and horrors that we fight all the time are the result of spiritual deficiencies. Any effort directed towards fighting the shadows, the consequences, cannot remove the main cause, the spiritual disintegration that is happening now, which, incidentally is rarely connected to our suffering.

My next story opened a new facet in my research. A woman called me and said that she was having serious problems connected to strange and incomprehensible events. She constantly felt powerful pressure on her psyche from outside. Everybody who tried to help her would find themselves in trouble or ill. Once this woman found a clairvoyant “witch doctor”, who shook her head and said “I doubt I can help you”. The visit brought relief for one day, but after that everything came back.

I started to heal her. Quickly enough she started to feel better, the strange influence stopped; however, I noticed that my relatives started falling ill, all with the same symptoms: weakness and joint pain. I began searching for the source and found that it was the “work” of the person who was harming my patient. As I’d been working with bioenergetics for a while, when it came to my family, it was tempting to use what’s called “magic” to stop the culprit. I was facing a choice of which way to go.

It wasn’t easy for me to refuse use of force, especially because my many years of work in the bioenergetic area and study of esoteric literature, presented a large array of such tactics. Nevertheless, I decided to try avoiding answering forcefully, hurting this person. Instead, I decided to help him.

When somebody becomes the victim of an energy attack, the reason for this could be his personal fault or that of his ancestors. If one responds with an energy attack, it causes a chain reaction, because an energy stroke is a flagrant violation that leads to new punishment.

Can this person be rescued? Further extrasensory testing shows that the person attacking my patient wasn’t guilty himself. The main source of all that was happening with this woman was contained in her personal karma. When her grandmother was young she fell in love with a man, but didn’t want to have a child and had an abortion. Killing love and a child resulted in her daughter, granddaughter and descendants having to pay for her deed. Moreover everybody had it in different forms – illnesses, ruined destinies, mental problems.

When I refused to respond with an energy attack, I won a victory over myself – in difficult circumstances, when I was so tempted to respond with force I managed not to go down that path. That was my victory, after which I understood, once and for all, that I have no right, under any circumstances, to answer violence with violence. After studying the principles of the system of energy field self-regulation in more detail, I saw the possible consequences of “justified” use of force.

Many aspects of civil law don’t correspond to Universal law. If somebody hits me and I hit him back as is my right, it doesn’t mean that I can do the same on the energy field level. These are completely different levels. If I were to respond by hitting him back, only he would suffer. With an energy attack, however, since every person is connected with his children and relatives on the energy field level, the blow affects the entire line. In response there’s a counter attack – punishment for the one who dealt the blow and his family line.

I realized that the increase in human potential energy requires close attention to behavior, emotions and thoughts. You can’t thoughtlessly make any categorical statements, as this already has an effect. I understood why the Bible talks about meekness and humility – it’s really about curbing ones energy potential.

Then how come sorcerers and magicians use different methods of influence, including force? Having thought about it for a while, I realized that they only see a small part without seeing the whole, so they cure only the lowest levels of the energy field and physical body, casting all deformations from a single part to the whole. This just postpones the illness. Compared to saints who could – due to their high ethics – rise to understand the true reasons and relationships of events to see the whole, sorcerers work only in the specific niche defined by them, that’s why often they have a limited “specialization”. The main point is that people who practice magic have always possessed ability and a relatively clear karma, so the violations they commit while using magic are not blocked right away, instead they accumulate over time and their descendants have to deal with the consequences.

I examined what happens when a psychic or sorcerer removes negative energy from a sick person. There’s a lot of different methods that can be used for this purpose: it can be sent into water, plants, wax figures, pets, a division of healthy strong soldiers, the center of the Earth, space or it can be burned in different ways. This energy, containing a charge of aggression, enters the energy field of the object that it was thrown at, deforms it, and automatically returns to the “healer’s” energy field and that of his relatives.

Any type of healing that is not based on spiritual development leads to degradation. Removing some symptoms doesn’t signify a cure.

Recently a woman asked me:

“Three months ago you helped my acquaintance and now her fibroma has disappeared completely. I couldn’t even imagine that just by asking for forgiveness, somebody can get rid of such an illness.”

“This doesn’t surprise me. The method is constantly refining itself and now not only the functional condition of a patient can improve, often even organic disorders disappear. Results depend on my correct understanding of the cause-and-effect mechanism and determination of the real origin of the illness, on my spiritual and physical state at the moment, on the condition of the patient’s karma and on the degree of his understanding of his violations.”

When I just started my practice I was living a regular life: eating meat, drinking vodka, often getting irritated – while I was curing patients using non-invasive massage. Later, when I could see the results of this kind of work I changed a lot in my lifestyle and my behavior. A day before my sessions with patients I consume a minimum amount of food and nothing at all on the day.

Sometimes I get so carried away by diagnostics and development of the method’s potential, that I forget about the risk. One must always be extra cautious while working on the subtle energy field levels.

Not too long ago my acquaintance asked me to consult a woman. I had about forty minutes of free time and I agreed. The women who entered was very elegant and confident, she sat down and looked at me with curiosity. She had a lot of problems. Powerful egoism and excessive striving towards material welfare were the reasons for the beginnings of sickness. It is very difficult to help this kind of patient because skepticism and a lack of trust closes them off from me.

I was explaining the reasons for her misfortune while she tried to make a discussion out of our session. Nevertheless, I had to convince her – these kinds of challenges help me find new reasons and explanations for the causes of illnesses.

“If one cell of the organism takes everything for itself,” I explained, “it lives well for a while, but then its actions start to destroy the organism and eventually they die together. Egoism is normal to a certain degree, but a person who thinks only of himself is trying to kill God and the Universe. Of course this can’t last forever. Sooner or later the programs destroying the Universe have to be blocked by disease, injuries and misfortune.”

“So what are you suggesting? You want me to believe in God?”

“Believing in God is your own business. I am just describing the reasons for your illness. You don’t have to believe in God, but you have to love the Universe and it’s soul. Egoism, limitless striving towards material welfare kills the most important feeling – love. You’re carrying a program of destroying the Universe in your energy field and worse, you don’t want to stop it.”

We resumed our verbal duel. I ran out of arguments to convince her but I started a process called “karma clearing”. Her energy field was cleared. However, not only did I not feel satisfaction, I got a very unpleasant feeling.

The woman treated everything as entertainment.

“You are saying that we can’t only take care of material things, but our life forces us to do so.”

“I had a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money, but if I had taken them I would have had to sacrifice my research. Now I am forty and I live with my family of four in a fourteen square meter room in a communal apartment, but I have this opportunity to help you. And not only you, but myself as well. When material welfare is more important than spiritual needs – it’s momentary wealth at the expense of spiritual death. Imagine yourself sitting in a restaurant where everything is on fire and you are calmly finishing your meal. For a lot of people what is on the plate in front of them is more important than what is happening around them.”

“Do you heal everybody like this?”

“Yes, the first step is understanding. However, even if it looks easy, it’s a very dangerous exercise.”

“For you or for me?”

“First of all – for me”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, your program of destroying the Universe was 550 points and your illness was – 350. Now your illness is zero, but the program of destruction is 350. That means that I healed your body, but not your spirit, meaning that I violated the main principle – to heal by understanding.”

I pictured myself before and after this meeting – on the energy field level one of my lungs, my liver and the bottom of my abdomen were completely black.

“I have to pay for not being able to explain the cause of your illness.”

“And what are you going to do?”

“I will try to find a way to convince you. If I can find a reason for why I couldn’t accomplish it before – I will have my health back, if not – I will have to pay.”

Right at that moment I realized the mistake I made.

“I should have just given you the complete information I received about your condition, but I felt sorry for you. Did I tell you that you might have some other diseases if you don’t restore harmony?”


“Do you know that you have the beginnings of womb cancer?”

“I always had a presentiment about it and accepted that. I am ready to die calmly.”

“Your “heroic’ death won’t change anything. You will leave your program for disintegrating the universe for your kids to deal with. You must think, not about your worthy death, but about salvation for your spirit and your children.

We sat in silence for a while and I saw that, finally, her energy field deformations started to smooth out. The woman’s aura, which had been covered with a black stain began to fill up with shimmering light.

“Now your program of destroying the Universe is zero and your disease is zero. Also my lungs and liver are clear now.”

I didn’t say anything else to this woman. There was no oncology in her energy field anymore. She understood that by feeling love toward the Universe and God, leaving dissatisfaction with the surrounding world behind, one can save oneself from any serious disease.

A woman came for a session and told me her story with tears in her eyes.

“I got divorced from my husband, our life together was dreadful, I felt that he had a negative influence on me, something was happening to my sanity. When we finally got divorced I felt much better even with three kids on my own, I even started singing. We didn’t see each other for half a year, but he came to visit not too long ago. Right away I started to feel not well, my daughter started crying hysterically, my son got enuresis, and my second daughter fell ill. Could this be related to his visit?

It didn’t take me long to figure out what was happening.

“Unfortunately, what has happened to your family is not an accident. Your spouse is a ‘vampire’, he takes the children’s energy, destiny and health, negatively influences their characters, and inserts his negative programs into their energy fields. He’s an egotistical person. Such a massive seizure of energy from kids represents that his karma is very negative. Judging by his energy field he has a strong disconnect from the Cosmos and from love, much inner aggression, egoism, disintegration of the soul, therefore he must become a ‘vampire’. This is a classic example. Vampirism can be found in both his father & mother’s familial lines. What happened to your children can be removed quickly, however, in the future it is better for them to stay away from their father.”

My analysis shows that vampirism is a serious illness, because it destroys a person’s soul and is passed on to descendants. Also the consequences of vampirism don’t appear right away, sometimes the process of disintegration can take a few generations.

The basis for vampirism is an incorrect outlook on the world. A girl asked me whether she was charging her energy correctly when she imagined a stream of blue fire entering her. I took a look at her karmic structures during this action and found that this was a violation of the law of the Universe.

Any kind of deliberate energy intake – from nature, Cosmos, the Sun – is a sign that this person is lacking energy and needs to get it from somewhere. This is a prerequisite for the development of vampirism. The major mistake here is that the person, instead of connecting energy and spirituality, separates them.

When we feel love toward the Universe we receive an enormous amount of energy. To receive enough energy you have to get to the highest levels of energy – spirituality, nobleness, love – you have to live on these terms. As soon as we start thinking abstractedly about energy, separating energy from spirituality and ethics, we condemn our spiritual structures to poverty, by filling only our physical body with energy. People have to know that the energy they receive through subtle feelings heals their body, destiny and soul. A mechanical approach and focusing on obvious-gross energy will lead to deformations in the subtle spiritual structures. Consumerism in any form will lead to degradation.

Another example just came to my mind. A young fellow was taught how to charge his body with energy from the Universe. A few times a day he would practice this technique, and at the end he started to take energy from his teacher. The outcome was dismal – the deformation of his spiritual structures started.

I got an idea, to examine what kind of effect the same exercise would have had on a person two thousand years ago. The examination disclosed that these parameters were very high. That means that in earlier years this exercise worked wonderfully, however, as you can’t enter the same river twice, it is impossible to use the old techniques endlessly. We tend to forget that not only man has changed, but the surrounding world has also changed. Physical methods of self-development are not effective anymore, now spiritual self-development is mandatory. Time is not a linear category, and if the speed of all processes has increased so much, it means that the energy structure of the surrounding world must have changed as well. Nevertheless we behave as if nothing has happened, and try to rely on old knowledge and methods.

The more I learned about the potential of this method of empirical testing the more its complications became apparent. I realized that it was impossible to use it as I had originally planned, to form a group of individuals and teach them how to work. This method is so closely connected to morality, ethics and spiritual parameters that it places a lot of limitations on the person attempting to use it and not everybody can bear these limitations.

I connect to the karmic structure of my patients, therefore if I have analogous violations to the ones I am trying to remove in my own field, I must eliminate them from myself first of all. That’s why every time, before I begin working with a patient I check whether I have the right to heal him and if the answer is no, first, I clean and “close” my own karma using prayer. After a few months of working with patients I have to carry out a deep, fundamental cleansing and fasting. And even this is not enough. It turns out, that if a healer wants to be effective in treating people without harming himself and his patients, his karma must be “blocked”, and nobody from today’s army of healers has this quality. You can’t close your karma with a healer’s diploma, you need to constantly clear and strengthen your spirit by disconnecting from everything that can “tie a person down to earth”. This is necessary not only for the healer, but also for every person, especially in recent times.

One morning a woman had a consultation with me, and the day after she started to feel unwell. She got a strong headache and nausea.

“Were you upset with your husband yesterday evening around 7pm?”

“Sure, he got into a car accident and now the car is all wrecked. I was ok at the moment, but I had a lot to say to him that evening.”

“While undergoing karmic diagnostics and treatments there is a strong and deep influence that takes place. For a certain period of time, until the energy field stabilizes and balance is achieved, the patient is absolutely prohibited from experiencing any negative emotions. Energy field structures are harmonized and restored at the moment of contact with the Divine and any negative emotion creates massive distortions. Approaching God – is not a piece of cake that always brings pleasure, but a very complex, responsible and necessary process.

My next story is directly related to what is happening in the world at the moment.

“Inside I always had this longing for Divinity, and I used to get in trouble if I lost my connection with it. Twice I almost died,” a man told me. “The connection between rejection of the Divine and punishment was so obvious that I couldn’t call it an accident. I had a clear understanding: God punished me.”

“You are right and I can explain, in detail, how the system of punishment works and show the reason for your misfortune,” I suggested. “Somebody said, even though the clock was invented by man it doesn’t mean that man is inside of every clock. The universe is created by God and is controlled by Him, but it doesn’t mean that every punishment is sent by him “personally”, because He controls the universe using the laws He created. There is a magnificent mechanism of energy field self-regulation. What people often relegate to the “mystical” can always, in reality be analyzed.

“You are the third, unplanned and unwanted child in the family. That’s why your parents unconsciously passed on their program of your destruction to you, which transformed into a program of self-destruction. From your childhood you had a relatively low vitality and you used to get sick often. You were born in these circumstances because in your previous lives you rejected love to your children. By looking at your energy field and karmic structures you had no chance of staying alive. The only way for you to survive was the powerful aspiration for the Divine and highest feelings. Your subconscious mind always knew about it and was pulling you in the right direction, but your conscious mind worked accordingly to another program. As soon as you rejected the direction of salvation, your destiny structures would start falling apart and you would get very close to facing death. Why didn’t you die? Because you were rejecting God and spirituality only in your conscious mind, that’s why you weren’t killed in a fight and didn’t die in a car accident. This is evidence that your program of rejection didn’t pass into the subconsciousness, meaning that the destiny structures hadn’t fallen apart completely. If your focus on rejection were to become permanent it would pass into your subconscious mind and that would trigger blockage of disintegration, which in turn could manifest as incurable illness, or serious injury with physical suffering.”

Why would his death have to be so difficult? Because physical and spiritual suffering helps clear the subconscious. How does it work? The only way to bear suffering is to rise above it using the spirit, to transfer the point of focus from the body to the spirit. This is a natural process that happens automatically. A suffering person becomes more spiritual. My studies of the mechanism of transferring energy field information allow me to say that humanity is in the same situation now and there is a similar “blocking” mechanism in place for the human race.

I studied the karma of humanity. Entering these structures is very dangerous. The most important violation of law humanity commits is the rejection of the Divine, immersion in the pragmatic, starting in the 10th century. This violation is present in the energy field of every person living on Earth now.

The karma of the Russian “socialist” society, contains extra negative programs in addition to those mentioned above: the program of destroying people, men and women due to a strong attachment to material wealth which began between 1929 and 1937; the program of hatred towards people which began at the end of the 19th century; the program of destroying fathers, brothers and sons due to the same attachment to material wealth. That’s why life in our country is so difficult. If we don’t understand, make sense of these programs and free ourselves from them, then we will endlessly repatriate / privatize our factories and manufacturing plants until we pay for these programs with our suffering.

Here’s the path I took beginning at studying magic and sorcery, through non-traditional medicine and ethics to attaining a new understanding of the world.

The basis of the Universe is information: “In the beginning was the Word”.

What we call the Universe, from my point of view, resulted from the extraction of two components: matter and an information field from Unity (which always existed and which we call God). Each of them contains the opposite component in non-manifest form. The main condition for these opposites to exist is their constant mutual transition from one to the other. The field strives to become matter, and matter strives to become the field.

The accumulation of energy connections in matter is a sign of the transition of the material component to information. The opposite process can be expressed as an increase in density of matter, mass or as increased complexity. Energy connections are also information —the more connections, the more information. Matter, as it were, becomes “spiritual”. Information becomes energy, and energy becomes matter.

If we take a look at the solar system, the purpose of its existence is the creation of more complex elements on the Sun, the creation of the multifaceted information connections due to the appearance of new planets, and the creation of complex information structures on planets based on organics, as a new step in increasing information density. The purpose of the existence of any star-system is creation of life. What we call “spirit” is above the information field and matter.

When matter reaches a certain level of density it transforms into information. Singularity (the state of matter, concentrated in a single point) is the Universe. The subtle levels of the energy field – are the absence of matter, time and space, i.e. a point. A point strives to become infinity and infinity strives to become the point. Every point of the Universe has non-manifest information about the entire Universe; in other words, a point is non-manifested infinity, and infinity is the non-manifested point.

There are two theories of the origin of stars. According to the first one – by Kant-Laplace – they appear as a result of the thickening of interstellar space. The second one – by the academic Ambarcumian – talks about the appearance of stars out of “black holes”. A young star’s instability, the massive explosive processes happening inside of them – based on the author’s theory – are all evidence of the presence of proto-substances inside of them.

Based on the concept stated above and my research we can consider the origin of stars as a dialectical process of the transition of information into matter, also as a result of “fertilization” of an interstellar substance by an information block. This informational block can be realized as the matter from a “black hole”. The emergence of stars is a result of interaction between two origins: the manifest and non-manifest Universe. The processes that occur inside stars and inside living organisms are identical. These are processes of transition of energy into matter and vice versa.

The development of the Universe is the breach of unity on the physical/material level and an increase of unity on the information-field level; differentiation and increasing variety on the physical level together with greater identity on the energy field level. At a certain stage of development, the differences between the physical and energy field components disappear and then a new phase of development begins.

Hence, there is a contradiction: the Universe remains a point on the subtle, energy field level and, simultaneously, widens, creating new matter, time and space. Development follows the pendulum principle: the direction of movement changes from information unity – to physical separation.

Any object in the Universe can be considered a process, at the same time, any process is also an object. Any process or object oscillates between information identity to physical differentiation. Physical differentiation has to strictly conform to spiritual unity. The main condition for development of these two opposites is the presence of a third party, which catalyzes the non-manifest presence of one opposite in the other. This role is fulfilled by “energy” the intermediary determining the Universe’s development.

Information, energy and matter all compose a whole. An understanding of this has existed in human culture for a long time – for example, in Christianity this is represented by the Holy Trinity (God-Father, God-Son and God-Holy Spirit).

Any object by developing, repeats the cycle of the Universe’s development. While staying absolutely united on the subtle energy field level, the object differentiates itself on the physical level. Differentiation on the physical level is necessarily preceded by corresponding development on the spiritual level, which guarantees stability during physical separation. This demonstrates a clear priority of the spiritual. In this way, the law of unity and the struggle of opposites would look like this: the existing “nothing” extracts its own opposite, in order to become “something” completely new.

Let’s move on to the question of the origin of life. The more differentiated the physical world the more unified the energy fields, starting with the subtle levels and graduating to the denser ones. Inner unity begins to appear on the external level, the form starts to reflect the content. Unity begins to appear on levels that have never been unified before.

With increasing heterogeneity the level of unity in a limited space builds up to the point that an object emerges from, is separated from the Universe. Bringing the object up to the level of unity represented by the surrounding world signifies its death. The density of information increases to the point that there’s an opposition between the object and the surrounding world.

We can say that all life in the Universe appeared simultaneously and, at the same time, is a single organism, which continues to differentiate itself with all its components in constant connection and interaction with each other. The development of this process and further physical differentiation is only possible when the primary orientation is towards inner information unity. Matter, time and space are external forms; information and spirit – are the content. Content is manifest in form and form develops content.

The basis of any object’s life is oscillation between informational and physical processes. Human life is a reflection of the Universe in miniature, and since time and space are compressed in human beings, the transition of information into matter happens faster. Living objects are unique in the degree of unity and the speed of transition of information into matter (information becomes energy and energy becomes matter). It’s likely that increasing the unity and speed of mutual transition is the point of the development of a living object.

The higher the degree of inner unity, density of information, the more an organism detaches itself from the surrounding world. This is what we call the development of consciousness and individuality. The process of physical separation from the surrounding world is possible only if unity with the Universe increases. The process of unity with the Universe is what we call culture; the process of separation is what we call civilisation. Culture gives birth to civilisation. First, civilisation rejects culture, but later, like a prodigal son, returns back to it to avoid destruction, only to repeat this process again, but at a higher level with increased amplitude. If the return to culture is not on the appropriate spiritual level this leads to the downfall of civilisation. The rejection of unity and Love – the feeling that manifests unity in the Universe – leads to the end of civilisation.

It is well accepted that the essence of the law of unity and the struggle of opposites is reconciliation without mutual destruction. The main condition for these opposites to reconcile is their ability to transition into each other, which allows them to increase their degree of unity. The main difference between living and inanimate matter is in the speed of transition of opposites into each other; the purpose of life is to increase the manifestation of spirit in matter resulting from an increase in the speed of their mutual transition.

Let’s go back to the pendulum. For a certain frequency there are two states that exclude each other – the pendulum’s deviation from the vertical line to the right and to the left. These two opposing states can subsist without destroying each other only because they are separated in time. An attempt to combine them, for example within one second while the period of oscillation is five seconds, will lead to bringing the motion to a halt, the discontinuation of development. Now let’s imagine that the frequency of the pendulum’s oscillation increases to a few oscillations per second. That means combining these two opposing states without their mutual destruction.

Life on Earth emerged as a way to preserve the level of unity with the Sun that detached different planets from itself. That is, the level of physical identity decreased and the level of informational unity rose as a way to compensate for physical separation. Therefore, in the final analysis, there is no separation overall. Any object in the Universe strives to emit something that is opposite to itself on the physical level, that simultaneously strengthens the unity with it on the informational level. This develops the system as a whole. A mother giving birth to a child is the same as a star giving birth to a planet. Physical detachment has to be compensated by spiritual unity.

Life on Earth confirms the implementation of unity between the Sun and a new planet. The Solar system strives to maximize its physical differentiation, on one hand, and, on the other hand, to retain informational unity. Life, as it appeared on Earth, develops in accordance to the same laws. On the physical level, the formation of a new species takes place, the diversity of forms increases, meanwhile, on the energy field level, the degree of unity rises. Life on Earth not only appeared as a whole organism, but also continues to exist as a whole organism, and is controlled by the system of self-regulation that is realized on the information-energy level. The purpose of this system is to support the appropriateness of each part’s behavior to the interests of the whole. The higher the energy potential of one node the more it must focus on the center. If the connection with the center lags, but the autonomy of the nodes increases, the entire system can perish. Therefore, the rejection of the nodes that break the unity of the system is unavoidable.

The behavior of the object has to correspond to the informational structures of the entire organism. If the physical, emotional or the informational behavior of the object deviates from the programs laid down in the information field of the system, then the system’s energy field will attack the object’s energy field. The energy field of this object gets deformed and the program of destruction is implemented, in other words, the program returns the object to its initial state. This could be a singular object or a group, responsible for the disturbance of the law of unity. In medical terms – the health of the body is determined by its spiritual health.

The information field takes priority over the human body and determines its fate, character and physical state. Hence, we can say that the main precondition of good physical health is the knowledge and compliance with the laws of the information field of the Universe – laws of Unity, Spirituality and Love.

Presently the speed of all processes on Earth has risen so much that the immediate escalation of physical adaptation is required. The biogenosphere changes rapidly.

Since the information processes in the Universe are primary in relation to the physical ones, physical adaptation is directly related, first of all, to influencing the informational, spiritual structures of human beings. This explains the popularity of magic, occultism, yoga and various religious trends. People welcome any new Messiah or Guru with delight, when he promises salvation and new truth. Everybody expects to have ready solutions, but they forget that hard and painful inner work is compulsory for revival. The essence of this work is known to humanity – it is a striving to understand the world around us, examine its laws and behave according to them.

The energy level of humanity has increased sharply in recent years. What used to be achieved due to years of hard work can now be achieved within a few months. The increase in man’s potential can be compared to the change from riding a bicycle to piloting an airplane. However, it will be difficult to use this potential if the mentality of humankind remains the mentality of a biker, without changing to the mentality of a pilot. The psychological level of a regular person and one who received access to high energy with the potential to influence living and inanimate objects must differ even more.

My research shows that, these days not only physical acts or strong emotions can harm living and inanimate nature, even a careless thought can do this. With the increased energy potential of man, the consequences of negative interaction rise in geometric progression. The information-energy influence on living and inanimate objects can be very dangerous.

Aggression towards one person is the program of destruction of his children and relatives. Negative influence returns back to the initiator and his relatives, due to the mechanism of self-regulation of the energy fields. The psychological training of humanity lags far behind its energy potential; we can say that, in fact, humanity is now in the process of self-destruction. The results of this can be seen already.

What is the reason for this tragic inconsistency between man’s psychology and the reality of the surrounding world? The Psychology of modern Western civilization is very pragmatic, and the majority of the world’s population subscribes to this worldview. A major point is placed on the realization of information, instead of its accumulation. Consequently, the ineffective and “low profit” process of understanding the world and the creation of new concepts and ethical structures is left out of the collective intent. Ready-to-use recipes with maximum practical results are preferred to the hard and long process of understanding.

If we analyze the development of any religion, magic or yoga, we will see the following main phases in common:

comprehension of the world in the present moment, which happens through the denial of surroundings, overcoming one’s dependence on them and the refusal to interact with them.

discovering the laws of world development and creating a system of behavior which reflects these laws;

practical application of obtained knowledge.

Before this process could stretch over centuries and thousands of years, and people could not see or comprehend it as a whole. It is similar to the blind men from the well known parable, who by touching the different parts of the elephant tried to figure out what it was. Today humanity has a chance to see this process as a whole in all its unity and integrity.

Presently the process of disconnection dominates in the spiritual search. There are some schools that focus only on the first step – information accumulation. This is an escape from reality, rejection of civilization as it is, and denial of the two following steps. Hare Krishnas would be a great example.

The second group of schools focuses on the return to principals of ethics, righteous behavior – this path is represented by various religions.

The third path focuses on using practical results and neglects learning and ethics – this is represented by magic and sorcery.

An interesting transformation happened within extra sensory studies. Beginning with the elements of knowledge and ethics, this path rapidly degraded when its representatives started to receive financial rewards, and is now oriented towards magic and sorcery. This is quite a natural and logical trend – without love for God any process of comprehension turns into a desire for wealth.

Now we can see the accelerated development of all processes. This allows us to see “the elephant” as a whole. Now we can imagine and understand the processes that define the present human condition and the challenges that it faces.

The main condition for survival at the moment is the unification of that which was previously impossible to combine, using dialectics. In particular: the renunciation of the earthly, unity with Cosmos and obtaining information, and then the embodiment of its moral laws and the practical implementation of this information on all levels.

“You can’t worship God and mammon at the same time” said Jesus. Two thousand years ago, the combination of these opposing tendencies was impossible within the life of one person. Now the world has changed, the frequency of oscillation of the pendulum has changed without causing mutual annihilation of the opposites, that is, the speed of transition of information and matter into each other. Therefore, we can say that a person who is destined to survive in the near future has to be a saint and a businessman simultaneously.

Two opposing processes have to coexist in every person’s consciousness: one of them – the rejection of the world, striving to the Cosmos and sanctity – and the other one – the implementation of received knowledge, action and practicality. In essence, we are talking about a new way of thinking, which is going to determine the physical and spiritual structure of a new humanity. To summarise: sanctity, renunciation, knowledge and implementation of all the above in thoughts and emotions and its application in social structures. The coexistence of these processes cannot be mechanical, because it would stop the pendulum: it has to be a single process with gradual passage through all three stages. Every person has to become the saint, constantly increase his level of sanctity, through the comprehension of the world, unity with the Universe, and, at the same time, he has to realize himself on in emotional and practical life. Culture must always nourish civilization. The priority in the value system should always be given to sanctity and not practicality, because the Cosmos is primary and civilization is secondary.

Any civilization rests on the shoulders of the saints, not sorcerers. According to legends, people used to have an open third eye. They had access to information that can only be obtained extra-sensorily, regardless of distance and time. Later the third eye was closed. The reasons are unknown, however they are probably simple. The problem is that the acquisition of root knowledge is not permitted without observance of ethical norms, but the realization of knowledge is not directly related to ethics. At a certain point the ethical and psychological level of man lagged so far behind his energy potential that it started to threaten civilization, – therefore, the closing of the third eye was a salvation.

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