Frithjof. A Non-Story for Grown-Ups (Who Have Not Grown Up)

Frithjof. A Non-Story for Grown-Ups (Who Have Not Grown Up),  audiobook. ISDN68905956

Cyril Ioutsen

Genre:verses and poetry



Publisher:Izdatelskie resheniya

Publication date:23.02.2023


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Frithjof. A Non-Story for Grown-Ups (Who Have Not Grown Up)
Cyril Ioutsen
Frithjof is someone you might have never met and might never meet. But you know him all the same. He certainly knows you (although he does not care who you are). It makes no difference to him if you read this book or not.


A Non-Story for Grown-Ups (Who Have Not Grown Up)

Cyril Ioutsen

Illustrator Tatyana Knyazeva

Illustrator Irina Sayfiydinova

Photograph Anna Lenina

© Cyril Ioutsen, 2023

© Tatyana Knyazeva, illustrations, 2023

© Irina Sayfiydinova, illustrations, 2023

© Anna Lenina, photos, 2023

ISBN 978-5-0059-6651-3

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This is Frithjof.

He does not know if he is a boy.

Or a beast.

Or some thing else.

Is he dangerous?

If only to himself.

You think

you do not

know him.

He thinks

he knows


He might have

known you

for a while.

And well.

You think you do not see him. (Except here.)

He thinks he sees you. (A lot.)

Is he invisible?

Not quite.

He just dislikes

to be seen.

At least, directly.

Hiding among

your things.

Lurking behind

your back.

Locked up

in your head.

Maybe he is

not really here.

Or there.

Or elsewhere.

Does it matter?


he thinks

the same

about you.


he is not



There is more to Frithjof than meets the eye.

You can imagine him

any way you want.

He would not mind.

You can believe

he does not exist at all.

He would mind even less.

It is how he prefers it.

Frithjof can be negative.

Rarely in the mood.

He never sleeps.

He never talks.

He never plays.

Well, if only sometimes.

But he likes to watch.

He likes to watch you.

(Right now.)

He likes it very much.

Have you ever felt being watched?

Maybe it was someone.

Maybe it was him.

Who knows.

Frithjof is special.


Just like you.

You might not

like him very much.

(Except for his good looks.)

Still, there is no other

Frithjof out there.

(Just as there is no other you.)

Do you want

to be friends?

It is all right.

Neither does he.


Once in a while, Frithjof thinks. He likes to keep his mind in shape.

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