The Legend of Foxtail

The Legend of Foxtail,  audiobook. ISDN68905773

Scribbles Mcwiggles

Genre:adventure books



Publisher:Izdatelskie resheniya

Publication date:23.02.2023


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The Legend of Foxtail
Scribbles Mcwiggles
In this thrilling adventure, we follow the journey of Foxtail, a brave and courageous foxen who must confront an ancient evil to save his kingdom home…

The Legend of Foxtail

Scribbles Mcwiggles

© Scribbles Mcwiggles, 2023

ISBN 978-5-0059-6604-9

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CHAPTER 1: The Legend Begins
Long ago, in a far-off land,

A kingdom thrived, with a rich history so grand,

Its inhabitants, a diverse crowd,

Lived in harmony, amidst nature’s surround.

And in this kingdom, there lived a fox,

Named Foxtail, with his clever wit and quick box,

His humble beginnings, in a small burrow,

Had never been a hindrance, for he had his own motto.

For Foxtail was curious, and brave too,

And always eager, to learn something new,

But one fateful day, as he roamed the land,

He stumbled upon, an ancient evil so grand.

The evil had been, sealed away for years,

In a place so dark, with all its fears,

But Foxtail had unknowingly, set it free,

And the kingdom now, was in jeopardy.

But Foxtail was not one, to cower or run,

For he knew that the battle, had just begun,

And so with courage, he took up the fight,

To save the kingdom, with all his might.

CHAPTER 2: Training and Preparation
With the kingdom in peril, Foxtail knew,

That he must train, and prepare anew,

For the ancient evil, was no easy foe,

And he had to be ready, to deliver the blow.

And so he made a decision, to become a warrior,

To train and hone his skills, with fervor,

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