The Prince: The Original Classic

The Prince: The Original Classic, Nikkolo Makiavelli audiobook. ISDN28315077

Никколо Макиавелли and Том Батлер-Боудон

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Genre:political science


Type:PDF book

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Limited

Publication date:09.12.2022


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About the book:The Handbook for Leaders The Prince is often regarded as the first true leadership book. It shocked contemporary readers with its ruthless call for fearless and effective action. With simple prose and straightforward logic, Machiavellis guide still has the power to surprise and inform anyone hoping to make their way in the world. This keepsake edition includes an introduction by Tom Butler-Bowdon, drawing out lessons for managers and business leaders, and showing how The Prince remains vital reading for anyone in the realm of business or politics.
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