Just Past Midnight - Amanda Stevens

Just Past Midnight
TEXT Amanda Stevens

A Holiday Romance - Carrie Alexander

A Holiday Romance
TEXT Carrie Alexander

Almost A Honeymoon - Susan Crosby

Almost A Honeymoon
TEXT Susan Crosby

Below The Surface - Karen Harper

Below The Surface
TEXT Karen Harper

Cadens Vow - Sarah McCarty

Cadens Vow
TEXT Sarah McCarty

Conflict Of Hearts - Liz Fielding

Conflict Of Hearts
TEXT Liz Fielding

Daltons Undoing - RaeAnne Thayne

Daltons Undoing
TEXT RaeAnne Thayne

Wild about Harry - Linda Miller

Wild about Harry
TEXT Linda Miller

At Close Range - Marilyn Tracy

At Close Range
TEXT Marilyn Tracy

Cold Case Cowboy - Jenna Ryan

Cold Case Cowboy
TEXT Jenna Ryan

Falling In Love - CHARLOTTE LAMB

Falling In Love

Alaskan Fantasy - Elle James

Alaskan Fantasy
TEXT Elle James


Born Royal

Corporate Daddy - Arlene James

Corporate Daddy
TEXT Arlene James

Deadly Reunion - Lauren Nichols

Deadly Reunion
TEXT Lauren Nichols

Forgotten Honeymoon - Marie Ferrarella

Forgotten Honeymoon
TEXT Marie Ferrarella

Hometown Cinderella - Victoria Pade

Hometown Cinderella
TEXT Victoria Pade

Lakota Baby - Elle James

Lakota Baby
TEXT Elle James

Montana Wife - Jillian Hart

Montana Wife
TEXT Jillian Hart

Past Imperfect - Crystal Green

Past Imperfect
TEXT Crystal Green

Sisters Found - Joan Johnston

Sisters Found
TEXT Joan Johnston

Suburban Secrets - Donna Birdsell

Suburban Secrets
TEXT Donna Birdsell

The Gazebo - Kimberly Cates

The Gazebo
TEXT Kimberly Cates

Twin Temptation - Cara Summers

Twin Temptation
TEXT Cara Summers

Wild Weekend - Susanna Carr

Wild Weekend
TEXT Susanna Carr

Bride Included - Janelle Denison

Bride Included
TEXT Janelle Denison

Dr. Bodyguard - Jessica Andersen

Dr. Bodyguard
TEXT Jessica Andersen

Branded - B.J. Daniels

TEXT B.J. Daniels

Bogeyman - Gayle Wilson

TEXT Gayle Wilson

A Dangerous Seduction - Patricia Rowell

A Dangerous Seduction
TEXT Patricia Rowell

A Risk Worth Taking - Zana Bell

A Risk Worth Taking
TEXT Zana Bell

A Worthy Gentleman - Anne Herries

A Worthy Gentleman
TEXT Anne Herries

Engaged to the Single Mom - Lee McClain

Engaged to the Single Mom
TEXT Lee McClain

Not At Eight, Darling - Sherryl Woods

Not At Eight, Darling
TEXT Sherryl Woods

The Baby Dilemma - Rebecca Winters

The Baby Dilemma
TEXT Rebecca Winters

The Bride Of Windermere - Margo Maguire

The Bride Of Windermere
TEXT Margo Maguire